FATnosis is a premium hypnosis based programme which has been developed by outspoken TV weight loss expert and clinical hypnotherapist Steve Miller. Steve is often in the media discussing his very clear message on fat. I have been personally trained by Steve to deliver the FATnosis programme which is strong in tone and so not suitable for everyone. For those who commit to its tone and required action, it absolutely delivers.

Working together you will receive:-

At least 6 face to face sessions via Skype plus daily text support to help ensure you keep focused every day.

Meal planning support using the 80-20 system (there are no shakes or juices to buy and no strict plans to follow).

Motivational coaching to help drive and elevate your desire to lose weight safely.

Mindset programming to help get you into the right frame of mind for long term weight loss.

Your Investment

The fee for the entire programme is £397. There is nothing else extra to pay and no gimmicky products to add on.

To Book

Email me at nononsensenona@gmail.com for more details. A FREE  consultation is available.

FATnosis – hates fat, loves you.