You CAN Run!

I was always the girl who was left standing when School Sports Captains picked their players. No-one wanted the chubby child in their team.

I never really grew out of being chubby and in fact following a lifetime of diets, I ended up just getting bigger and bigger. I’d lose weight, I’d put it back on.

However, that finally all changed when I found running. I am not even really sure why I started to run and I am certainly not going to win any prizes  for speed but I do now run regularly and that is a big part of keeping my excess weight off.

So, if I can learn to run at 50 years old, so can you. My proven You CAN Run! programme makes it easy.  Based on the None To Run programme which I use for my beginners in my award winning run group (yeh, get me, I run an award winning run group! An England Athletics Award nonetheless!) this 12 week programme will get you literally form None to Run.

Dont believe, me,  check out my before and 5 stone less after photos and then download the You CAN Run! programme and join my Facebook Support Group starting on 30 September 2018. .

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