Welcome to The No Diet.Club. A community for people who have tried more diets than they have had hot calorie counted dinners!

Have you spent years on and off different diets but are still not where you want to be?

Are you fed up not fitting into the clothes you want to wear?

Are you ready to become a fitter & healthier version of you? 

If so, this is the community for you. We don’t do diets, we focus on living a happy & holistic healthy lifestyle that not only fits easily into your busy life but enables you to become the very best version of you. 

Everything we do is based around just 7 super simple Steps. Losing weight isn’t rocket science but it is fun and it can be easy! 

If you want to find out more, you can download a copy of our 7 Step Blueprint to Permanent Weight Loss. It has been written by someone who has been through all the emotions and insecurities of being overweight for many years and so gets all the reasons (and excuses) but who now lives a healthier and more confident life by following these 7 Steps.

There is no fee for the Blueprint and we do not pass your details on to any third parties, ever.

 Take a read, because you deserve to be the best version of you. Always x 

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You CAN Run!

I was always the girl who was left standing when School Sports Captains picked their players. No-one wanted the chubby child in their team. I never really grew out of being chubby and in fact following a lifetime of diets, I ended up just getting bigger and bigger. I’d lose weight, I’d put it back on. However, that finally all …